Forged in Flames Book 1 Embers

Embers by Susan Reimer


The comfortable, small-town life that fifteen-year-old Peter Xavier has always known is about to implode. Everyone knows they can always count on reliable and responsible Peter, but circumstances spiral out of his control and threaten to take the lives of those he loves most. Drug addiction and alcoholism infiltrate the cozy lives of Peter and his friends, with tragic consequences. Faced with the devastation of a shattered life, Peter must decide if his faith in God is strong enough to see him through.

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Editorial Reviews

Embers is beautifully written, with each part reflecting brilliantly on the chosen verses. As her story unfolds, Susan Reimer brings the reader through a spiritual journey of discovery. This is an excellent read for young people, and for every person and organization involved in the lives of youth. It inspires us to follow the word of God as we walk different paths in life.
—Louis St Jean
Coordinator, Cochrane-Temiskaming Youth for Christ/Youth Unlimited

Family dysfunction, bullying, inclusion, addiction, mental illness, tragedy, grief, forgiveness—real-life issues instilling real-life lessons. Using Philippians as a guideline and the example of a fifteen-year-old boy to address all of the above, Reimer thoughtfully portrays the undeniable power of both godly and worldly influence.
—Lisa Elliott
Inspirational speaker and award-winning author of The Ben Ripple and Dancing in the Rain

Embers depicts real-life situations in a fresh way, uniquely portraying the battle between the physical and spiritual world. I love the way it convicts this young man to connect with God in the midst of his challenges. It vividly portrays the crucial need for salvation and relays the challenges we face that test our faith. The importance and benefits of mentorship in a young person’s life are also clearly shown. It is ultimately a story of hope and redemption. I truly believe this book will be a source of blessing to all those who encounter it. A must read!
—Eliane Gervais, BSW, RSW

The author has illuminated the struggles of people from all walks of life, particularly the youth. The story reveals the hidden secrets of many youth who are looking for a better life. Embers reveals how dark the pathway of life may be, but it shows there is light at the end of the tunnel. Embers will be an encouragement to every reader of all ages. Enjoy the read; be encouraged and find hope!
—Rev. Dr. Paul A. Douglass

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