The Grace Impact

Guest Post by Nancy Kay Grace Every space on the family calendar was full of activities—sports events, music lessons, and youth group competed for our kids’ attention. Often I had to be two places at the same time and needed help with transportation. In spite of my best efforts to organize the calendar, I felt … Continue reading The Grace Impact

Book Review: A Soul As Cold As Frost by Jennifer Kropf

⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 Jennifer Kropf’s Winter Souls Series debuts with A Soul As Cold As Frost, a wild ride through a winter landscape of dwarves, giants and brave hearted guardians. Kropf’s original concept and intricate plot weave a tale of adventure, sacrifice and a good versus evil fight to the death. Fans of fantasy and epic adventure … Continue reading Book Review: A Soul As Cold As Frost by Jennifer Kropf

Shine the light

In a world gone crazy, writers, more than ever, need reader support. Book launches, fairs and signings have all been cancelled leaving authors dependent on word of mouth advertising. Personal recommendations, reviews and posts have become an increasingly critical part of the success of a new book. It is now both more difficult and more … Continue reading Shine the light