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A Spark of Faith releases today! Alex Smiley is 17, in Grade 12, and dreaming of dating, driving and finding his life’s purpose. Join Alex as he faces those challenges while living with Down syndrome. Get your copy at Amazon, Indigo and wherever books are sold!

A Mother’s Day Thought

One Woman's Faith

For this child

This time of year has always held a different kind of feel for me. On one hand, I enjoy celebrating my precious Momma – she is truly one of a kind. She is fierce and strong, yet tender and humble. She is a warrior princess who battles the enemy many many times as she journeys this life as the King’s beloved daughter. Of course, I take delight in praising Him for choosing such a beautiful soul to be my mother.

Mother’s are this wonderful gift of grace, and I feel this grace wash over me every time I talk with mine.

Yet, this time of year has the power to make me keenly aware of what I (seemingly) missed out on because of my barrenness. I understand what it is like longing to hold a child in your arms and know they are yours only – the desire to have…

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A Spark of Faith is now available for pre-order from Word Alive Press A Spark of Faith, the second in the Forged in Flames series, is now available from Word Alive Press. Alex Smiley is in Grade 12. Like his friends, he’s interested in dating, getting his license and figuring out what to do with his life. He also has Down syndrome. As he struggles for independence, … Continue reading A Spark of Faith is now available for pre-order from Word Alive Press