Guest Post: Author Susan Phelan

Susan Phelan is an author of children’s fiction. Her middle grade book Miss Classified, published by Chicken Scratch Books, explores the world through the eyes of a child with ADHD. “I see life through the lens of story. As a little girl my mom would get me to finish dinner by telling me to eat…… Continue reading Guest Post: Author Susan Phelan

The Grace Impact

Guest Post by Nancy Kay Grace Every space on the family calendar was full of activities—sports events, music lessons, and youth group competed for our kids’ attention. Often I had to be two places at the same time and needed help with transportation. In spite of my best efforts to organize the calendar, I felt…… Continue reading The Grace Impact

Guest post : Sara Kennerley

MORE THAN CONQUERORS By: Sara Kennerley When the world trumpets its declaration of chaos and fear—echoing an anxious drone that extends like ripples in a sea of discouragement—what do we do?  Covering our ears, the madness still rages. Covering our eyes, we are now blind and sure to stumble. Friends, we are at war.  The…… Continue reading Guest post : Sara Kennerley