Guest post : Sara Kennerley


By: Sara Kennerley

When the world trumpets its declaration of chaos and fear—echoing an anxious drone that extends like ripples in a sea of discouragement—what do we do? 

Covering our ears, the madness still rages. Covering our eyes, we are now blind and sure to stumble.

Friends, we are at war. 

The enemy is on a mission: to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) He steals our peace, kills our joy, and destroys our faith with sneaky, strategic tactics. 

But God.

Knowing that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ (Romans 8:37), we need not sink away from flares flying all around us. They are merely a reminder to stand guard.

As I reflect on the battleground I walked through for ten long years—a battle that nearly cost me my very life—I can see Jesus there, in the midst of my turbulent trek.

• He brought people into my story to guide me and care for me.

• He kept me from death, even when I was bent on self-destruction.

• He continued knocking on the slammed-shut door of my heart.

Our God is a God that goes after the wandering sheep (Matthew 18:12-14). He’s a God that delights in redeeming the broken, restoring the hopeless (Psalm 103:1-4).

He’s compassionate; slow to anger, abounding in love (Psalm 145:8). 

When we know our value, when we know the fullness of love God has for us in Christ Jesus, it makes us brave. Unafraid. 

We can stand, and indeed we must stand, as the battle rages on. 

Not by our own might, not by our own strength, but by the Spirit of God at work in us (Zechariah 4:6). 

Here’s the call, in the midst of the trumpeting chaos:

1. Fear not!

The Lord has redeemed His people. He’s called us by name, we are His (Isaiah 43:1-2). He’s with us. He goes before us. He’s our Comforter, Protector, and Provider.

2. Put on the Armor of God! (Ephesians 6:10-17)

• Your helmet of salvation guards against doubt.

• Your breastplate of righteousness covers you in the grace of God which triumphs over sin.

• Your shield of faith extinguishes the flaming arrows of the enemy.

• Your belt of truth holds you upright and secure.

• Your shoes ready you to stand in the message of the gospel of peace.

3. Swing your sword!

The Word of God is our sure-fire weapon. The war has already been won, we need only declare it with confident assurance. Soak in His Word. Let it nourish you and build you up so you can swing that sword victoriously.

4. Stand!

Stand on His promises. Take His yoke upon your shoulders (releasing the heavy burdens in its place) and learn from Jesus. (Matthew 11:28-30) You’ll find rest, and peace that passes all understanding.

The world is undone by the craziness that surrounds. Yet, we can move mountains by being light in the darkness, peace in the storms, and joy in the turmoil. We have an eternal hope beyond our circumstances. 

When we know who we are and whose we are, the victory is sure to follow. 

Author Sara Kennerley

Sara Kennerley is the author of A Good Enough Story and a co-contributor in the award-winning devotional series She Writes For Him: Stories of Living Hope. She’s passionate about the transformational power of the gospel and actively pursues this beautiful truth in her writing ministry. You can read more blog content from Sara at

By susanreimer

I am the author of the YA series Forged in Flames and the children's picture book Letters in the Woods from Word Alive Press. I am a Jesus follower, mom and gramma living in beautiful Northern Ontario, Canada.

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