Penelope’s Story

I wrote Penelope at a very dark time in my life with the hope of being lifted out of the sadness by a bright, compelling character. It worked. As Penelope came to life, I was able to see glimmers of days without despair. Now that the story is complete, I hope that it brings that light to those who read it. Writing the story of a young woman with Down syndrome was challenging and much prayer went before and during its unfolding. I myself do not live with DS. Over the years, I have been inspired by the stories of friends with DS and blessed by my time with them. I hope that Penelope challenges perspectives of Down syndrome and inspires those with DS to reach for the stars!

Available to pre-order now! Release date: Jan. 31, 2022.

By susanreimer

I am the author of the YA series Forged in Flames and the children's picture book Letters in the Woods from Word Alive Press. I am a Jesus follower, mom and gramma living in beautiful Northern Ontario, Canada.

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