A bonus for readers

As we all have extra time at home in this season of the corona virus and social distancing, I’ve decided to offer new content that might spark fresh ideas and conversation in your homes. I’ve added a button on the menu for free downloads and the first one is the reader’s study guide of the…… Continue reading A bonus for readers

A message for young Christians

Christian youth, I’m talking to you today. You’ve made a commitment to Jesus, no matter what the cost. You’ve tried doing things your own way and discovered His way is far better. Or you’ve been raised in a Christian home and have decided, for yourself, that you want to commit the rest of your life…… Continue reading A message for young Christians

Embers is available

Embers, my debut y/a contemporary novel, is now available for purchase wherever books are sold! It is also available in paperback and e-book formats through Amazon and Chapters/Indigo. Alternatively, readers can purchase it through my publisher’s online store at Word Alive Press. Pick up your copy and be sure to let me know how you…… Continue reading Embers is available

First look at Chapter One of upcoming YA novel Embers

CHAPTER ONE Peter Xavier heard screaming coming from behind the school. It was Alex—he was sure of it. He ran toward what sounded like a fight. As he rounded the corner, he slid in the sand covering the tarmac. Jake, Ben, and Troy, three of the biggest kids in Grade Ten, were standing over his…… Continue reading First look at Chapter One of upcoming YA novel Embers