A very hard goodbye

My Dad A life of adventure, love and curiosity has come to an end. Ninety-one years of working hard, traveling, raising a family, and learning. Always learning. A farm boy, train-hopper, self-taught electrician/carpenter/roofer/engineer and motorcycle rider. A man of faith acquainted with grief as well as joy. He routinely checked on his neighbours, often lending…… Continue reading A very hard goodbye

Beyond the veil of grief

Our society prizes the young, youthful beauty, supposed innocence, unlined and unmarked faces. But, if you look into an old person’s eyes, if you wait and if you have patience, there beyond the drooping lids, missing eyelashes, unruly brows and crows feet, if you look deeply you’ll find that person, that soul, is still there.…… Continue reading Beyond the veil of grief